Author: Eric

What do flea bites look like?

Hopper is one of the most nagging pests ever imaginable, and when it attacks, itching and irritation become unbearable. How to identify their traces visually? It is simpler than you think.

Photos and Pictures of Spots

At the moment of stinging, attacked person may observe tiny traces of blood (about 1-2 mm):


When you see small red spots on your skin of 3-8 mm in diameter, these can be traces of the bugs. Usually they appear in clusters of 3-20 spots:

What do flea bites look like when harsh allergic reaction is caused by proteins contained in bugs’ saliva? Red dots can turn into blisters and bubbles that itch severely and can gather white matter:

Pests do not intentionally choose a place for stinging, and spots can be found on any body part, including arms, legs, upper part of feet, neck, back and belly.

Spots on Babies

When kids are attacked by pests, most often belly, arms and legs are affected. Mild skin there is easy to pierce through. Allergic reactions can be serious, which is why dots may be quite large.

Spots on Pets

If a pet is suffering from infestation, it is hard to identify until you see it desperately scratching body and being upset all the time. The most reliable way to check for pest presence is to examine pet’s belly: insects often affect this area.

When infestation is fully-fledged, and bugs have been torturing an animal for a long time, fur loss occurs, and massive reddening of skin takes place:

Do not wait until flea infestation becomes so bad that your family or your pet face serious problems with skin. When you notice any red spot, act instantly, and that will save your time and health!